What is your OVERALL favorite school of magic?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Servers down!

This just (ish) in!


Extended Wizard101 Maintenance
As part of our ongoing effort to improve Wizard101, we will be performing extended maintenance on the game several times over the next few weeks.

Starting Wednesday July 28th, Wizard101 will be offline for 1 hour; from 3am to 4am Central US Time.
Once the game is back online, Paying Players* will be able to log in immediately and Free to Play players will have intermittent access. Throughout the day, all players may experience delays logging their characters in to the worlds.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to improve Wizard101 for all our players.

*paying players include those who are currently subscribed, or have purchased $10 in Crowns or more in the last 30 days.

According to Friendly from Professor Greyrose:

"I asked Professor Greyrose what this was all about and she said, "Ongoing
server maintenance to improve the performance of the game over the long term
and to prepare ourselves for the ever-growing number of Wizards entering the
Spiral." I think I heard a silent "Duh" at the end of her sentence too, but
that may just be me. ;-)"

:P seems to be that way to me as well Friendly!

Good luck to all getting in!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tips for the Maze Game!

Maze Game? I've never heard of a maze game! Well... If you don't bother with pets, ever, then you wouldn't, but most people do try it out, eventually, so if you stumbled your way to the upper left sigil, you will have found yourself the maze game! I have some tips for you!

1) Always always ALWAYS find a snack your pet loves/likes, it will boost the exp (This is just overall help), and make getting that level up easier. I use crafted snacks to help me along.

2) Choose a path. I almost always start by heading to the bottom left corner, then up to the top left corner, then into the middle, back to the top left, into the top right, then into the top bottom, but this will change depending on ghost locations.

3) Avoid ghosts. They freeze you and take up time. I will always look ahead to see if the ghosts are coming at me, or if I will end up following one (withing range that I will catch up to it), and if I am, I change my path.

4) If you do get frozen... don't panic. Its not game over. The first thing you need to do is go away from the ghost. Get it farther away from you. The only thing worse than being frozen, is being frozen again.

5) The blue star is your friend... sometimes. The blue star allows you to "Gobble those ghosts!" When you are under the power of a blue star, lines will shoot backwards from your pet. If you touch a ghost you will destroy them, and get five points. It doesn't boost your speed, so if you can get one with a red star as well, you will be a ghost eating machine!

6) The red stars. The red stars will always be helpful. They increase your speed, and that means you can get more apples (or cake, or whatever) faster. You can still be frozen by a ghost though, so be careful. when you are under the power of a red star, rainbows shoot out from your pet.

Good luck with your mazingness!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ravens, Redwind, and Celestia Reveal #8!

This post brought to you by: THE RAVENS! Ridiculously easy battles for tons of high priced gear! Yes, that's right. I've been farming the Ravens. So much profit at fairly easy battles! I'm on my way for that Reaver (hopefully)!!! I even got the Silverback wildclaw THREE times (out of the four battles I did).

I'll tell you what seems to be somewhat impossible for me to get, Redwind's Viridian Blade. I've spent several hours in that secure house, begging her for it, then beating her to a pulp, and still no luck. I'll keep pressing!

Sorry I missed this everyone (?)! Celestia's Reveal #8 came out! They keep adding shadows. I think they just want to drag it out so we suffer more :D. I'm interested in that new one in the bottom right hand corner! It looks like a plant of some kind.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


The past few days I've been running BriskBreeze Tower with the Amazing M4H (Mercenaries for Hire) in search for that elusive ring!! (The Mercenaries are 100% free, very flexible, and just awesome! They are turning ONE very soon, and I want to congratulate Christo Deathgiver for a HUGE success and many more to come! I digress). So far I have not found my ring, but it has been a TREMENDOUS blast.

I have also worked my way through Grizzleheim, which is a piece of cake for a Grand. I'm ready to start farming those ravens so that I can mix my wraith with a hydra! I want that Reaver!

Lastly, I've decided to take the poll down early. This next 9 day poll will be about which school is your OVERALL favorite.

Oh, and I will host some kind of contest sooner or later!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nin! Ja! Pig! (And a huge post)

Many of you (here I go again...) might be familiar with the Wayfinder Helmet, you know, the one that gives the Ninja pig card and is a drop from the warehouse in MB? Anyway, a few of my friends decided that it would be a fun idea to try to get a huge hit out of them off of Kraysys, who I was farming for my GM boots... I took a few pictures, so here they are.

One little piggy...

O: he multiplied!

Here comes the hit!
O. o its not good!

So we tried again... much better. Ironically enough I had though a moment before about how this was slowing down my farming. But guess who got his boots off of that last hit??!?!?!??! Guess, I bet you can't.

ME! :P My Grandmaster Garb is now complete! I got Yeva's hat from Turmok, my Malistaire robe from Malistaire's Chest, and my boots from Kraysys! Now I just need my ring from BriskBreeze, and my athame from the Gurtok demons. And a BUNCH of gold for my Dragonspyre castle Muahahahahahaha!

I will miss my MS house... :( I didn't even buy it on purpose, I was trying to preview, and though that it would ask for a confirm lol

But look how Awesome!

It comes with a Lava pit!
In a dungeon!
sorry for that HUGE post! lol good luck with the scrolling!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gobbler drop tips!

If you haven't been listening to Ravenwood Radio (whoes Episode 20 is tomorrow, the 14th. Sadly I can't watch, :[ ), you should. These tips were inspired by their Episode 18, and because a few of you (you? do I even have readers? lol) haven't listened and so a few will be familiar if you did listen.

1) Jump. Jumping will allow you to get the dropping food much much much faster.

2) Go for those hour glasses. Not only do these make everything fall much slower, but they pause the timer for Seven seconds (this is not stackable, it only resets if you grab another), and it fuels your food bar a bit.

3) Your priority should be:
1) Pineapples or hourglasses
2) Watermelons
3) Bananas
4) Apples
If you need you can grab the clock, but be sure to read the following tip.

4) Beware of the clocks. They may add time, but they take away from your food bar. These of course are very situational. If there are three pineapples falling, you are almost to four xp, and you have three seconds left, go for the clock, get that extra xp. That is pretty much the only situation I can think of where they would be of beneficial use.

5) Play in a 800x600 resolution and out of full screen. I've had people tell me that this helps, and it seems to a bit, but it is harder to grab what you want because everything is so close together.

There ya go. Those are my tips. :P Good luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Malistaire has fallen to Gorman Swiftmancer!!!!!!

It isn't the first time, and it won't be the last, but it was certainly awesome. We beat up Malistaire and saved the spiral! Here are a few pictures I took on the way up. A HUGE thanks to Fiona Wildshade (playing as Autumn in the pictures), Christo Deathgiver, and all the other great friends I have made around the spiral!

Malistaire is running his mouth off...

The start of the fight!

My little King Duncan cast the wraith that finished off Malistaire. :') I'm so proud.

Malistaire was heavily trapped...

BAM! 42894! :) not bad!
Good luck to all you other wizards out there! (And no, I didn't get my Death robe. I got Balance, Ice, and Myth.)