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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gobbler drop tips!

If you haven't been listening to Ravenwood Radio (whoes Episode 20 is tomorrow, the 14th. Sadly I can't watch, :[ ), you should. These tips were inspired by their Episode 18, and because a few of you (you? do I even have readers? lol) haven't listened and so a few will be familiar if you did listen.

1) Jump. Jumping will allow you to get the dropping food much much much faster.

2) Go for those hour glasses. Not only do these make everything fall much slower, but they pause the timer for Seven seconds (this is not stackable, it only resets if you grab another), and it fuels your food bar a bit.

3) Your priority should be:
1) Pineapples or hourglasses
2) Watermelons
3) Bananas
4) Apples
If you need you can grab the clock, but be sure to read the following tip.

4) Beware of the clocks. They may add time, but they take away from your food bar. These of course are very situational. If there are three pineapples falling, you are almost to four xp, and you have three seconds left, go for the clock, get that extra xp. That is pretty much the only situation I can think of where they would be of beneficial use.

5) Play in a 800x600 resolution and out of full screen. I've had people tell me that this helps, and it seems to a bit, but it is harder to grab what you want because everything is so close together.

There ya go. Those are my tips. :P Good luck!

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