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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Will Dragonspyre lose its sense of acomplishment?

Almost Everyone has been there... Your First Character pushed his/her way through Mooshu, and You opened the gates to Dragonspyre, The Final world. You defeated Cyrus, and He allowed you to progress.

You slowly pushed your way through, fighting grueling fights, and defeating some tough bosses. However, Dragonspyre is getting a makeover, and now the mob has less health, and you need to kill less enemies and collect less things, and Now getting to Malistaire is going to be less of an accomplishment. It still will be hard, but No longer will you die on your first mob fight.

This is a good and bad thing... Your Alts will have an easier time, and Farming will get a bit easier, but Dragonspyre will lose a bit of its feeling, and sense of raw difficulty...

Well, That's my rant :)

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