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Monday, July 5, 2010

One Final tip... Before I leave.

Well, I'll be leaving tomorrow for a trip to our family cabin, which will be fun, but I won't make grand. I'm sitting at One bar of xp to go, and if I just could play tomorrow... :P. It will bug me all week, but what can ya do? Right?

Anywho, before I head off to the lake, I have a tip for you to help with two quests from Dragonspyre. When you progress to the Crystal Grove, You will get a main quest to kill (as of July 5th, 2010) 12 spiders from Milaka Jewelbender. Now if you haven't already done so, go find Kozel Toothtamer and take his side quests. The first one is a breeze, and when you get the second one, you will see a similar set-up, he will ask you to get 12 spiders as well.

Now don't just hop to any random set of spiders! Go for the Shimmer Widows! They are rank 8 Storm School mob, and unless you have low health, or are storm school (even then you have a shot), these are the quickest way to finish this quest off! I have yet to see them cast weakness, and can be defeated pretty easily with a Level 48 spell. I set up a feint, a spirit blade, and a death blade, and off come their heads.

You can find a pair by going to the second grove (the one farthest away from the door to dragonspyre academy), and going to the bridge closest to Milaka Jewelbender and Kozel toothtamer.

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