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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tips for the Maze Game!

Maze Game? I've never heard of a maze game! Well... If you don't bother with pets, ever, then you wouldn't, but most people do try it out, eventually, so if you stumbled your way to the upper left sigil, you will have found yourself the maze game! I have some tips for you!

1) Always always ALWAYS find a snack your pet loves/likes, it will boost the exp (This is just overall help), and make getting that level up easier. I use crafted snacks to help me along.

2) Choose a path. I almost always start by heading to the bottom left corner, then up to the top left corner, then into the middle, back to the top left, into the top right, then into the top bottom, but this will change depending on ghost locations.

3) Avoid ghosts. They freeze you and take up time. I will always look ahead to see if the ghosts are coming at me, or if I will end up following one (withing range that I will catch up to it), and if I am, I change my path.

4) If you do get frozen... don't panic. Its not game over. The first thing you need to do is go away from the ghost. Get it farther away from you. The only thing worse than being frozen, is being frozen again.

5) The blue star is your friend... sometimes. The blue star allows you to "Gobble those ghosts!" When you are under the power of a blue star, lines will shoot backwards from your pet. If you touch a ghost you will destroy them, and get five points. It doesn't boost your speed, so if you can get one with a red star as well, you will be a ghost eating machine!

6) The red stars. The red stars will always be helpful. They increase your speed, and that means you can get more apples (or cake, or whatever) faster. You can still be frozen by a ghost though, so be careful. when you are under the power of a red star, rainbows shoot out from your pet.

Good luck with your mazingness!

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