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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nin! Ja! Pig! (And a huge post)

Many of you (here I go again...) might be familiar with the Wayfinder Helmet, you know, the one that gives the Ninja pig card and is a drop from the warehouse in MB? Anyway, a few of my friends decided that it would be a fun idea to try to get a huge hit out of them off of Kraysys, who I was farming for my GM boots... I took a few pictures, so here they are.

One little piggy...

O: he multiplied!

Here comes the hit!
O. o its not good!

So we tried again... much better. Ironically enough I had though a moment before about how this was slowing down my farming. But guess who got his boots off of that last hit??!?!?!??! Guess, I bet you can't.

ME! :P My Grandmaster Garb is now complete! I got Yeva's hat from Turmok, my Malistaire robe from Malistaire's Chest, and my boots from Kraysys! Now I just need my ring from BriskBreeze, and my athame from the Gurtok demons. And a BUNCH of gold for my Dragonspyre castle Muahahahahahaha!

I will miss my MS house... :( I didn't even buy it on purpose, I was trying to preview, and though that it would ask for a confirm lol

But look how Awesome!

It comes with a Lava pit!
In a dungeon!
sorry for that HUGE post! lol good luck with the scrolling!

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